Man, Woman, Birth, Death, Infinity

Did you ever watch “Ben Casey?”  It was a great “doctor” show and my favorite at the time!  I remember having to get “special permission” to stay up and watch it during the school year.  It came on at 9pm which was my bedtime!  But, one night a week, I could stay up until 10pm and watch my favorite doctor!  At the beginning of the show, the older doctor would write out the symbols for and say…






on a classroom chalkboard.  And then the show would begin.

I was wondering where my Ben Casey was this week when Ranch Hand came home about 8am Monday morning from work.  I just had an awful, sinking feeling when I saw him.  My first words were…what’s wrong?!  He was hurting, feeling terrible and going to bed.  I said…can I call the doctor?  He said…no, I am going to bed and don’t feel like going to the doctor.  About an hour later I asked him if I could call the doctor and check on the latest culture that they had done the previous week.  He said that I could.  But, all you can do is give them the message and they will call back.

They did call back later that afternoon with the news that the culture was lost…they had no idea what happened….and would we mind coming “by” for another one?  Our coming “by” is another 90-mile-round-trip to town with a hurting husband usually lying in the back seat.  Ranch Hand was pretty cooperative about it; his pain level had increased and he knew he needed his “500th” dose of medication or something.  So off we went and came back with the news (along with more medication) that if he wasn’t better by Thursday, he would go into the hospital for a scope where doctor could remove the remaining stone particles that he thought must be causing all the trouble.

But, we didn’t make it until Thursday because about 2am Tuesday morning, he stopped being able to go to the bathroom.  By 6am I had convinced him to call the hospital and have them page the doctor and he did.  He said to come to the ER and he would be there.  So, we did and he was there and he went to surgery and hopefully got everything out that shouldn’t be there!  We did have to spend the night in the hospital again, and this time I didn’t even have a comb with me!  I just hate it when my hair looks bad in the hospital! 🙂  But, my mind was focused on getting Ranch Hand to the hospital when we left home!  I hadn’t even thought about spending the night there!

After a few terrible episodes with bladder spasms the next day (and my awful hairdo), the doctor okayed him to come on home after they finally subsided.  The doctor said that I could even stop by the beauty shop on my way home if I wanted!  I am just always so happy to get away from the hospital.  It seems like a terrible place to try and get well.  Ranch Hand didn’t even get into the OR when he could have because the nurse didn’t get some paper signed so she sent another patient in ahead of him.  We had only been there five hours waiting…plenty of time to sign one more paper if you ask me!

But, we were finally free to come home and things have looked up ever since.  Two months ago when he had surgery I would say things like…do you want to get up and walk out on the front porch a few minutes?  This time I am already saying…don’t lift that…I’ll do that, and we even went to the little movie store in our little town eight miles away and rented some movies to keep him occupied!  He is supposed to stay home all next week before returning to work which I am already thinking may be a challenge!

If “Ben Casey” was still on TV, I think I could easily come up with an interesting script!  I have, after all, left out several gory details for this G-rated blog and your reading pleasure!

Now, it’s back to the business of the ponderosa.  We saw two new baby calves when we came home from the hospital.  The coastal field was scheduled to be fertilized the day we went to the hospital and it rained 1 1/2 inches on it the next day when we came home from the hospital.  I washed and fixed my hair!  Wonderful things still happen!


About ponderosamel

I'm a daughter, wife, mother, and finally a grandmother living out my dream of living on our family farm. We actually don't farm, but we do raise a few cattle. I enjoy planting a spring garden, making many of the cows my pets, and just getting my hands in good, rich soil. I also enjoy cooking, my family and gazing about the countryside from my front porch!
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